Romsøegården comprises a five-story self-contained building unit at Haakon VIIs gate 7. It occupies the centre of the block and is leased to tenants such as Advokatfirmaet Elden, Boreal, Nordea Finans, Sparebanken Vest, Enzo Sushi, Colosseumklinikken and Dr Dropin.

The property has an overall area of 6 139 m²., of which 553 m² is vacant. Part of the unoccupied space lies on the ground floor looking out on Haakon VIIs gate, and would be very suitable for reitail/restaurant.  

Romsøegården has a Wault of 4.9 years and its estimated rental income for 2022 is NOK 14.7 million excluded lease guarantees, with an average annual rent of about NOK 2 700 per m² for office and NOK 2 100 per m² for restaurant/retail.

Estimated 2022 rent


13 013 782


925 200


519 726


25 267


251 274

Lease guarantees

945 918

Total rent

15 681 167