Rental income

Ankerkvartalet is a multi-use property leased to about 40 tenants.The 10 largest tenants account for 66 per cent of gross rental income. Overall estimated gross rental income for 2022 amounts to roughly NOK 72.0 million, including NOK 5.6 million in lease guarantees for selected vacant spaces.

Ankerbygget accounts for 40 per cent of overall rental income, with Postgården and Romsøegården providing 37 and 23 per cent respectively.

The Wault for Ankerkvartalet is about 8.7 years, with the bulk expiring in 2027-30 for the current tenancies. The expiry profile in per cent of rental income for the property is presented exclusive of parking rent. Including lease guarantees, the Wault is 8.2 years.

Contract expiration (excl. parking)

Estimated 2022 rent by segment

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