Stavanger CBD is a geographically small area which largely comprises Ankerkvartalet and its immediate neighbours. Office space in the CBD totals about 50 000 m², meaning that the office premises in Ankerkvartalet account for about 40 per cent of the CBD in total.

The surrounding areas largely comprise wooden houses built in the 19th century. Special rules have been adopted by the authorities for construction in these districts with the aim of conserving the older townscape. These conditions limit future development opportunities in Stavanger’s CBD, and thereby restrict the supply side.

Ankerkvartalet is also centrally located in relation to retailing and restaurant facilities. The recently established Herbarium shopping centre is only about 100 metres from the property. In addition, the eastern side of Vågen accommodates a number of restaurants, cafes and shops.

Ankerkvartalet is very accessible, with public transport close at hand and good parking provision.