Developement Potential

New building

Current zoning plan allows for construction of additional areas on the Ankerkvartalet plot with a maximum new space of 23 700 m², distributed by the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 8 500 m² retail space
  • Maximum of 8 000 m² office space
  • Maximum of 8 800 m² parking space

Newbuild illustrations within the current zoning plan are shown to the right. The illustrations are prepared by the architect firm Snøhetta. A new build is likely to require demolition of the low-rise building in Postgården (about 5 497 m² including parking area of 1 237 m²).

The vendor assumes prospective buyers to make their own assessments of the development potential.  

Top floor extension

Full planning permission for the construction of a set-back floor on top of Kongsgårdbakken 1 and 3 has been granted. This extension will increase the gross area on the top-floor of Kongsgårdbakken 1 and 3 from 230 m² (technical area) to about 465 m², with the majority being office space.

The potential 8th floor will have spectacular views over central Stavanger and Vågen, and are expected to set a new level for prime office rent in Stavanger.